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Bonnie Blue Farms and Nursery produces a unique ensemble of fruit and nut trees, produce and livestock. We know that we must invest in our future and the next generations by using species that are as locally adapted and climate specific. We deeply believe that food is local, that it should come from long living systems that build the environment, not destroy it, and that food should be diverse, evolving and remain interesting.

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The Latest Posts

Research Results: Growing Elderberries in Ditches? Go Ahead and Plant!

  We are conducting numerous experiments in tandem, the majority of which are how we can plant things in the toughest locations and still have them excel. We have found overall that it is actually kind of hard to mess up planting trees in the Southeast (ignoring cold sensitive species such as citrus for a … Read more…

Common Tree Deaths and What to Do If Your Tree Dies

  Growing trees requires a certain kind of belief about the future. Primarily that the future will be more abundant and better than before we planted them. This unsurprisingly is why when our trees die it actually has an impact. A substantial poundage of nuts and fruits for years to come that were on its way to … Read more…

Propagating Mulberries from Cuttings

  Propagating mulberries seems to be one of the easier plants to get started with. This may come as no surprise to those who have mulberries and have seen them layer themselves on the ground all on their own. At least around here, basically if a mulberry touches soil a new mulberry will grow roots. … Read more…

There is no Spoon. Breaking all the Tree Planting Rules

  Since I pretty much take and invert the common advice nowadays, I’ve decided to lump about a million and a half tests and growing techniques into a single area that completely defy common “wisdom” (read delusion). The waterfall of singular thinking nowadays is really breath taking, and with the internet becoming ever more popular, particularly for … Read more…

100s of Apples Types. How to Select The Right Apple Tree

The question “what variety of apple should I get” is a common question that we have gotten at the farmers market. With a multitude of varieties available it is really a very fair question. I can say I am certainly guilty of not taking into consideration of just how many hours we’ve spent reading apple … Read more…