2016 Heritage and Rare Starter Tree Sale

Bonnie Blue will be doing a heritage and rare tree sale this year. We will be bringing to market Apple and Pear trees from all over the south. There will be trees available from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. There will also be rare apple trees available from a number of subtropical hot climates such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Brazil.

Come visit us at the market to learn more about southern heritage and rare trees!

Covington’s Farmers Market

We will be bringing the trees every Saturday to the Covington, LA Farmers Market from March 5th till May. (Or until supplies run out).

Apple and Pear Starter Trees

A Red Rebel apple from Virginia. 6 Feet of growth isn’t uncommon from a starter tree.

These trees are newly grafted apple and pear trees that will begin their first year of growth this year. Recently grafted trees can commonly grow between 3 and 6 feet in a single year.

A newly grafted trees growth is far superior to three year or older trees commonly purchased at box stores. These tree have a significantly larger root to tree size minimizing transplant shock commonly seen when planting trees. At most, these trees are 1 year behind commonly purchased trees, yet are far superior in vitality.

We will have available up to 500 trees this season and expect them to go fairly quickly.


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One Year Guarantee

Having done our fair share of grafting we have seen that even the best grafts sometimes fail to begin growing. That is why we are offering a no questions asked one year guarantee on all trees. If the graft does not take and the fruiting end does not grow, just pull up the tree and let us know. In the next growing season we will be providing a replacement tree of your choice custom grafted for you.