About Us


The family welcomes you!

I am Mike Cornwell and I am the owner and creator of Bonnie Blue Farms and Nursery. Together with my family, we are building sound ecologically based food and resource systems in the Southeast. We believe that our food and resources should be produced from locally adapted species and techniques. We are on a mission to change how we get our resources, where we leverage nature to do what it does best, compete.

Christine (my wife) and I moved to Southeast Louisiana from Virginia in 2012 and fell in love with the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. I have lived throughout the south for the majority of my years and coincidentally enough Southeast Louisiana is where my dad grew up. We’ve come to love this area.

Southeast Louisiana in particular captivated us with the unique and natural fauna and the vast array of plants and animals that can be grown here so we started a farm from the ground up that grows plants and animals as naturally as possible, together. We don’t say this lightly but we are dedicated to finding out how to produce high quality healthy food using nature to do the heavy lifting, no gimmicks.

Follow our progress as we will be growing fast and creating incredible experiences.

If this message speaks to you get involved and contact Bonnie Blue today!


Mike Cornwell