Apple Trees for Hot and Humid Climates

Starter Apple Trees
The prototype starter trees from Winter 2014.

Starting in 2016, Bonnie Blue Farms and Nursery will be offering starter apple trees for hot and humid climates. These “starter trees” (often called benchgrafts) will be much smaller in size than what you might typically purchase from a box store, which is significantly to your benefit. Bonnie Blue will be bringing exclusive, heirloom and highly unique apple varieties that have proven themselves in hot and humid climates such as the southeast United States for decades and even generations. These apples will help bring back the excitement to fruit.

Starter trees provide the following:

  • Red Rebel After One Season
    This is what your starter tree can look like after 1 season. That is 6 feet of growth!

    Large sized roots in relation to the size of the tree. More roots, mean much healthier plants from the beginning.

  • Catches up and surpass pot grown trees because of gentle adjustment over time.
  • A tree that can be pruned (or left unpruned) from the beginning to fit your lifestyle and management.
  • Easier digging because you don’t need to dig a hole for a 3+ gallon size pot that is more commonly used.
  • Cost effective means for buying many varieties.

2015 Inventory

We have put together and updated our inventory for what is available now for 2015 Fall Planting.

Check it out here.

Looking To Purchase

We want to get these tested varieties out and into the hands of growers and soon to be growers. We have an absolute passion for growing trees and fruit in as healthiest manner as possible and we believe others should do the same.

While we continue to improve our abilities to serve the community we will currently be selling these varieties by direct request. Coming in 2016 we will be making it know how these trees can be accessed easier. We are going to be exploring mail order, Southeast Louisiana farmers markets, and potentially local nurseries but as with anything, it’s while supplies last.

St Tammany, Washington and other Louisiana Parishes

If you are from the local area and are interested in unique heirloom and international varieties please contact us.