Forest Raised Pork

These two are excited for delicious healthy pork.

In Summer of 2015, we noticed a surprising lack of choices locally for naturally raised pork. This puzzled us because here in Eastern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, we love our pork. I must admit that I have a hard time having breakfast without good bacon or well seasoned breakfast sausage.

Pigs, even when purchased at farmers markets, are commonly raised in conventional “pig pens” where the pigs stay mostly confined in concrete pens rather than their natural habitat, the forest and its edges. The pigs grown are commercial varieties chosen for lean meat raised on a diet solely composed of commercial grain feed, rather than attributes like quality and taste, something that we value highly.

We decided that we would address this lack of access to quality pork in our community and for ourselves by producing forest raised pork.

The Life Meant For a Pig

20150810_163224We are now producing our first round of hogs raised in a manner that mimics nature and the natural habitat that hogs thrive. Hogs are a forest and forest edge creature and need the protection from the hot Louisiana and Gulf Coast sun while still being able to get out and forage for the various macro and micro nutrients that they need.

Forest edges are excellent places for pigs to be able to get the things that they need to live a very happy and healthy lifestyle. We are working with our partners and friends in helping us source a diverse and healthy diet for them using as little commercial grade feeds as possible while including recycling local waste resources such as spent brewers grain from an upcoming brewery in New Orleans.


We are now taking pre-orders on our first hogs!
Half and whole hogs will begin to be available around January 2016. We believe that about half of the hogs will be ready in January and the other half in February. When the hogs are getting ready to “graduate” we will get in touch with you to discuss which meat cuts you will the butcher to create for you.


The price will be based on live hanging weight at the time of butchering, and about 250 pounds is the target weight we are looking for. Here are some estimated prices that do not include butchering fees:

  • Half Hog: $450 ($3.60 a pound)
  • Whole hog: $825 ($3.30 a pound)


A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold onto your order until butchering day.

  • Half Hog: $150
  • Whole Hog: $200

How to Order

IMG_6065For now if you are interested in reserving one of our pigs send an email directly to Mike or speak with Pierce Bauder from Enten Farms at the Covington Farmers Market on Saturday markets.