Mayhaw (Crataegus opaca / aestivalis)

Granny Smith Grafted to Mayhaw
Granny Smith Grafted to Mayhaw

Bonnie Blue is conducting trials with Mayhaws (Crataegus opeca / aestivalis), a local fruit enjoyed in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. The Mayhaw is primarily prized for it’s jelly potential. When processed, the berry produces a nice sweet but sour (astringent) kind of taste, which makes for a balanced jelly. There are a number of trials that are currently in progress that test some of the interesting myth and lore to the wild and local fruit.


  • Lore: Can it be used as rootstock for apples?
  • Lore: Can it be used as rootstock for for pears, particularly to create dwarfing pears?
  • Do Mayhaws grow well and relatively carefree?
  • Do Mayhaws integrate well in a multi-species system?
  • Is it precocious? (produces early and young)


Latest Posts About Mayhaw Experiments

Early Results of Grafting Apple Scion to Mayhaw (Crataegus opaca) -   So the early results are in for grafting apple scion to mayhaw (Crataegus opaca). We grafted Granny Smith apple to this Mayhaw on March 17th of 2015 and after a full season it has grown quite well. The bright green growth that is depicted in the photo is the Granny Smith apple. You can follow ... Read more...