New Louisiana Apple Cultivars

Bonnie Blue is dedicated towards creating new Louisiana apple cultivars. We have heard all sorts of adages about growing apples from seed, the most common being that you have to plant 10,000 apple seedlings to find one that is good. Well if that’s the case, it’s time to start some seedlings!

The key to finding apple cultivars, is to make crosses and collect the fruit after ripening. The seeds are then removed and germinated in plastic bags in the fridge. After that they are placed in a nursery where they can grow up to be large enough to graft onto mature trees, which hastens the time to taste the fruit. This will be our strategy.


  • Start apples from seed (First batch completed 2014)
  • Graft seedlings to mature trees to test fruit quality
  • Intentionally cross heirloom southern varieties
  • Intentionally cross southern varieties to Malus angustifolia (Southern Crabapple) to create a new hybrid species
  • Find an apple worth naming and propagating